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SueYen is a highly qualified Yoga instructor and personal trainer. Having lived and worked in Hong Kong until 2015, she was one of the most sought after private Yoga teachers on Hong Kong Island and developed extremely popular Yoga classes at many of the island's private and social clubs.

A pioneer in establishing private, one to one Yoga teaching in Hong Kong, SueYen's clientele included several CEO's and many local celebrities. SueYen now resides in London offering Yoga classes, sound healing and gaining a reputation as a health and lifestyle coach.

In 2019 SueYen founded her company, 'The Organic Zen', to enhance optimum well being and bringing ultimate 'Zen-ness' into one's life. SueYen conducts workshops at festivals and is often invited to teach in various Yoga studios sharing her knowledge and practice of Yoga, Health and Well Being.



"For years I had been promising myself to get into a regular Yoga practice... To give myself a level of wellbeing that I think is essential as one goes into one's 50ties... Friends had been recommending Yen for ages... It was hard at the beginning, but Yen works with one, in a firm but inspirational and fun way that becomes very rewarding. It is amazing how quickly the body responds once one commits oneself...

Now a couple of years on it has become a part of my life... Flexibility of the body reflects in the mind, as one opens to postures and goes more deeply into them, it naturally leads to you a more accepting and peaceful life. Booking an hour with Yen, is like booking an hour with oneself! And we all need that!"

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